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Martin (Mordechai) Levi

תאריך לידה -01/03/1929

Date of death -02/04/2021

Burial place - Kibbutz Magen cemetery


Born in Iasi, Romania, the only son of his parents. At the age of 12, his father and uncle were taken on the "death train" from which they never returned and he and his mother moved to live with his uncles and their children. He joined "Shomer Hatzair" in 1944 and attended an agricultural school as training for immigrating to Israel and was part of the "Magan" nucleus from its inception.

At the end of 1947, he joined the movement with his friends. The ship was seized by the British and they were sent to detention in Cyprus. In 1948, with the declaration of independence, they were released and immigrated to Israel, for training by Yad Mordechai. In August 1949, he went with his friends to the settlement in Givat Sheikh Noran and here, through hard work, efforts and uncompromising faith, they became A desolate place for a blooming garden and a thriving kibbutz.

In training, Martin met Yochaved, and in 1950 they got married, in a wedding of 10 couples from Magen's founders. In 1953 their daughter Nurit was born and over the years they had three grandchildren - Neta, the late Irit and Roy. Neta was the first grandchild in the kibbutz and the grandchildren were given a home full of love and pampering. Over the years four great-grandchildren were added.

Martin worked for many years in carpentry, in kibbutz and movement carpentry. He taught himself electronics and in the mid-sixties founded "Magan Elektronika" - a music systems company - which did not survive long. Martin continued this hobby as an amplifier and instrument repairman, until he gradually lost his eyesight.

Martin held many key positions - secretary, business center and treasurer. He was a humble and respected man. The kibbutz, in its original form, was a home for him and he had difficulty adapting to the changes. After Yochaved's death and as he got older, he suffered from various health problems until he passed away in good health.

Of blessed memory.

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