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דוד סגלוביץ ז"ל

 30/09/1945  תאריך לידה -

תאריך פטירה -01/07/2019

מקום קבורה - בית עלמין קיבוץ מגן

דויד סגלוביץ.jpg

Born on the 23rd of Tashri 1939 September 30, 1945 in Petah Tikva - died on the 23rd of Tammuz 1979 July 1, 2019 in Megan

Son of the late Hanna and Yehoshua Seglovitz.

Following his father's work in the police, David wandered between Karkur, Acre and Hadera.

He finished his studies with honors at a school for naval officers in Acre, and from there he did his military service.

in the navy as a machinery officer.

After his song Tu boarded a merchant navy ship and during one of his vacations he met Tzipi at the beach. David was

He has to decide between his work at sea and continuing the relationship with Tzipi.

The decision led him to ask for Tzipi's hand in marriage. And in 1970 David and Tzipi got married.. in

1971 Our Guy was born.

It was also decided to move to Eilat. David was hired at the Timna copper mines.

The second son Idan was born in Eilat. Most of the days the Timna factory was closed, David and Tzipi with the two children

Guy and Idan passed and arrived at Kibbutz Magen.

David always wanted to advance and do significant things, he went to study water engineering and from here

The sky was the limit for him.

David worked for many years in the water workers organization as an energy consultant and made a difference. later moved to be

Water and energy consultant in private companies.

Guy's death hit him hard and it was hard for him to recover, yet he chose to live and do

You are the best possible.

Gilad was born and her name brought light and joy to his life.

David's hobby was playing bridge in which he spent a lot of his free time. He was a friend for years

In the National Bridge Association and here too, he has had short successes.

David participated in every possible festival and achieved impressive results, teaching children and adults in Megan

Thus he passed on the bridge hobby that he loved so much.

Idan and the grandchildren were also infected with the bridge hobby and play today.

David was blessed with 5 grandchildren from Idan and Gilad whom he loved so much. David had many plans for spending time with you. .

David died suddenly before his time and left a painful and shocked family.

Love you, father, husband and grandfather. - lost the hymn of his life - lost forever.

Tzipi and the children.

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