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רבקה אברהם

Date of birth - 07/17/1929

תאריך פטירה -20/08/1995

מקום קבורה - בית עלמין קיבוץ מגן


Rivka Avraham - the late

Wife of Gideon Avraham and mother of Giora, Yishai and Limor. Rivka was born on July 17, 1929 in the city of Doruhoi, a small town in Moldavia which is in Romania, the daughter of the late Chaim Segal.
Grew up in a traditional and rooted Jewish community. The Second World War severely affected the Jews of Dorohio and the area, Rivka, who was only 11 years old, was forced to leave the city and go with her mother and two brothers on a wandering journey full of hardships and suffering. With the end of the war, the family members were allowed to return to their home in Dorohio, and then the 15-year-old Rivka found her way to the Hashomer HaTsair movement.
Later she left for a one-year training in the city of Yassi district, and this as a main stop in preparation for aliyah and fulfillment in the Land of Israel.
On December 23, 1947, Rebecca boarded the "Magan" nucleus with her friends on board the immigration ship "Pan York",
With the aim of reaching Israel, however, the ship was intercepted on its way by the British who ruled the country at the time, and the members of the nucleus had to "spend" the following months in the detention camp in Cyprus.
Finally, on March 14, 1948, some of the core members, and Rebecca among them, managed to get a permit to enter Israel, and arrived at the immigrant camp in Ra'anana.
From there the members of the core were sent to Kibbutz Gat and stayed there until 1.1.1049, when they united with the other part of the core and moved as one group to Kibbutz Yad Mordechai, as additional training for their ascension to the land in Megan.
At that time, the romantic relationship with Gideon, also a core member from Romania, began to tighten. Two years later, and this was already before the establishment of the new group Magen, the wedding of the two was held together with nine other couples from the core members. The desert bloom was not then
Password only.
With much effort, the kibbutz house was built and with it the family nest of the young couple.
Their three children - Giora, Yishai, and Limor were blessed to grow up surrounded by Rivkah's love and devotion that knew no bounds. In the first two years after the establishment of Kibbutz Magen, Rivka worked in the plantation branch, in the next two years she worked in a laundry, and then, from 1954 to 1970, she worked in the kitchen.
After the founding of a club for Kabbalah members, Rebecca opened the "Pakod" and for more than 15 years nurtured and maintained the place as if it were her own home. In 1985, and she was 56 years old, signs of an illness began that did not subside until her last day, 10 years later.
The cruel disease hurt her and gradually took over her, and little by little the motor function decreased until the final decline.
Rebecca died 20.8.95.

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