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Meir Albini

תאריך לידה -15/12/1928

תאריך פטירה -15/11/2022

Burial place - Kibbutz Magen cemetery

מאיר אלביני תמונה לחוברת_page-0001_edited.jpg

Meir was born in Bucharest (Romania), the only son of his parents Moshe and Deborah. His family was stable, so his parents sent him to study at the most prestigious high school in Romania, together with the king's son. But in 1944, all the Jews were expelled from there, and Meir moved to the Jewish school, where his connection to Judaism also strengthened. He graduated with honors.

From the age of 15, he was required to do forced labor - shoveling snow from the streets - and had to continue this until the age of 17, until the liberation of Germany from the German occupation. But even before that, in September 1944, he joined the Hashomer Hatzair movement, first as a trainee and after a short time as a guide and messenger. Through the Zionist ideas he developed his emotional connection to the land, to the Hebrew language and the aspiration for fulfillment in the kibbutz.

On December 30, 1947, he immigrated to Israel with his trainees, and together they were sent to the internment camp in Cyprus. But because the camp was full, the British decided to release children who had not yet turned 16 years old. Meir, who was older, received a fake certificate and thus managed to reach the immigrant camp in Ra'anana together with his trainees, where he was responsible for dispersing them among the Hashomer HaTzair kibbutzim. After completing this task, he joined his friends, who at the time were in training at Kibbutz Gat. On December 30, 1948, the members of the nucleus in Gath united with their friends in Kibbutz Yad Mordechai. But even before getting on the ground, Meir was sent on behalf of the movement to serve as the head of the Hashomer Hatzair's nest in Haifa - for a two-year mission (!). In the middle of the mission, he joined his core members for a month, to organize the ceremony of moving onto the land of Kibbutz Magen.

With the end of the mission, Meir returned to the kibbutz and began to coordinate the poultry branch. Later, he also concentrated the piggery and the duckery. He was also the kibbutz gardener and even worked in the GDS (field crops). Twice he was elected treasurer of the kibbutz, he was one of the founders of the educational institution "Ma'ale Hashur" and was also its first director.

Meir married Hana on June 1, 1958, and she followed him with her daughter Drora to Megan. Besides Drora, they had two children - Amira and Doron. In his life he was surrounded by eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

After studying at the Rupin seminary, he deepened his knowledge in insurance matters. As a result, he was sent to manage the insurance department of the National Kibbutz. In recent years, until the very day of his death, he served both voluntarily and as an entrepreneur as a consultant for "agricultural insurance risks and general insurance".

But of all his many occupations, he considered the archive, which he founded from the moment the kibbutz was established, his most important enterprise. Helped him in preserving and documenting the history of his phenomenal memory for dates and names.

Meir was a kibbutznik with every inch of his limbs!

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