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Sarah (Shader) Kaufman

תאריך לידה -21/06/1934

תאריך פטירה -22/03/1994

מקום קבורה - בית עלמין קיבוץ מגן


The late Sarah (Shader) Kaufman

Sarah (Shader) Kaufman, the late wife of Reuven, mother of Anat Agami, Ofer and Enav Ewkert.

Sarah was born on June 21, 1934 in Iasi, Romania. Sarah was the middle daughter among the five siblings, grew up in a difficult home the day after the father was killed in the great pogrom in Iasi and Sarah was left alone to bear the burden of raising the children.
For a certain period she sang in a children's home in Yassi and from there on a wandering way through the youth immigration she moved and stayed in the Netherlands for about a year, and from there she arrived in Israel alone at the age of 14. In Israel as a lone child she was involved in several youth groups in the Tel Amal, Kfar Menachem groups, and finally she was absorbed in Gan Shmuel by a youth group that were all children of Holocaust survivors.
In Gan Shmuel she found for the first time after her incarnation, a home, regular studies and work in the coop. All her life she remained a warm corner for Kibbutz Gan Shmuel.
In 1951, she enlisted in Nahal with her friends, stayed at Kibbutz Evron as part of the service, and from there she came to Megan for a period of unpaid service.
The "Nitsanim" nucleus in which he arrived was the first Nahal nucleus to be taken in at Megan. In Nahal Sara met Reuven before the end of his military service and the return of the nucleus from Shmuel, together they decided to establish their home in Megan.
All her first years in the shelter were spent working dedicatedly in the coop. The image of carrying the full and heavy baskets of eggs and sorting them for marketing is well remembered. After that she worked in children's homes, in cooking, in a commune concentration, and her last place of work was a club for a friend.
Her diligence and dedication to work were exemplary throughout her years.
Three children were born to the family - Anat, Ofer and Enav. Sarah, who grew up in a Keshet Yom family, devoted everything she could to her family and together with Reuven raised a family to glory.
She got to marry her three children as the last grape, and she also got to see her grandchildren Dekel, Eldar, Neve and Noam who brought her great happiness. The disease was discovered on the eve of Enav's wedding, the cancer that severely damaged her body but not her clarity of mind. Her family cared and helped as much as they could in order to ease even a little of her suffering. Until the last week, she kept in close contact with the members of the group who came to visit her home.
She spent the entire last period of her life in her home according to the family's decision with everyone by her side.
Sarah died in the morning of March 22, 1994.

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